The Sound of a Healthy Herd

Pioneering acoustic technology for antibiotic-free treatment of bovine mastitis, proven to increase yield, improve quality, and reduce culling.




Dairy Cows


Dairy Farms

Innovative tech solves an intractable problem

Antibiotic-free treatment
Improves animal welfare
Increases milk production
Greater profitability

Armenta increases your profitability by up to 50%


A Revolutionary Evolution

Traditional, antimicrobial treatments for bovine mastitis are becoming more and more burdensome. Their results are unsatisfactory, they undermine farm profitability, and the human health risks are triggering global restrictions. Armenta is changing the paradigm with Acoustic Pulse Therapy (APT).

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Proven Results: Healthier Cows, Better Milk

In field studies on dairy farms around the world, farmers and veterinarians applied the appropriate Armenta course of therapy to hundreds of cows with clinical or subclinical mastitis.

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Expert Testimonial

Dr. Todd A. Whitehead, DVM, USA

The equipment performed well, the treatments were simple to administer, the cattle showed minimal resistance, and the Armenta team was knowledgeable and professional. With 70% of the treated animals showing a decrease in SCC, APT appears to be a viable alternative in the treatment of mastitis in dairy cattle."

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