Transforming Herd Health Management

APT brings cost-effective herd health management to the dairy farm, mitigating the economic burdens of inflammatory diseases.

Bovine mastitis, an inflammation of the mammary gland, places a major economic burden on farmers due to reduced production, poor quality milk, and forced culling.

Traditional state-of-the-art solutions treat mastitis in one of two ways: drugs and biological agents; or targeted actions to prevent the disease. Both approaches have clear shortcomings, and neither of them address the central problem impacting farm profitability: restoring udder health and function.

Mastitis Impact on Profitability


No Milk

During the acute mastitis phase and following antibiotics treatments, the cow’s milk must be discarded.


Lower Milk Yield

During lactation in subclinical mastitis cases and after the recovery period, milk production is significantly reduced.


Forced Culling

When the income from milk is lower than the cost of raising the cow, the cow is culled, shortening the laceration phase and loosing future income

Antibiotics are No Longer the Answer

APT Therapy is Non-Antibiotic and Restores Profitability

Clinical Mastitis

Characterized by visible abnormalities in the milk (flakes, clots and a watery appearance) or in the udder (heat, swelling and sensitivity to touch).


Reduces Somatic Cell Count and increases the quality of the milk.


No wash out period. Milk does not need to be discarded during or after treatment. Recovered Udder restored to high milk production.


The cow’s immune system is strengthen, increasing cow longevity and reduces forced culling due to mastitis.

Sub-Clinical Mastitis

An inflammation of the mammary gland, which does not create visible changes in the udder or the milk, but affects its quality and quantity.


Early intervention with APT on sub-clinical cows reduces bulk tank milk somatic cell count (BTSCC).


Using APT, reduces the effect of sub-clinical mastitis on milk production.


Reducing forced culling due to high somatic cell count.


An essential part of a cow's lactation cycle, allowing the lining of the udder to rejuvenate, for optimal milk production when lactation resumes.


APT strengthen the udder during the recovery phase prior to calving to produce high quality milk.


APT maximize the new udder function for high milk production during lactation.