Innovative Technology

Armenta developed a disruptive, proprietary, antibiotic free solution for mastitis, based on Acoustic Pulse Technology (APT) applied specifically for dairy cattle.

The innovative solution brings acoustic pulse technology (APT) to the treatment of dairy cattle, with therapeutic pulses generated using high-compressed air as a power source. This unique design makes Armenta’s APT solution:


Producing a large treatment zone - crucial when there is a need to treat the large cow’s udder in a short time.

Dairy farm friendly

APT uses compressed air to generates the pulses, available in every farm.


Light weight, mobile, enabling to be hand-held, easy implementation without interference with the dairy farm daily operation.


The pulses are delivered non-invasively. APT is safe, easily tolerable by the cow and has no side effects.


Covered by granted patents and based on a totally innovative approach based on ballistic principals.

High ROI

APT has dual effect. Cutting losses and increasing income - profitable from the first treatment.